Algebraic Statistics in Europe








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Day                     Event
Sept 28

Mondi 3
Morning      Arrival at IST Austria
  11.45pm     Lunch (IST cafeteria)
  12.50pm     Welcome
  1.00pm      Fabio Rapallo: Max-plus objects to study the complexity of graphs
  1.40pm      Manfred Deistler: Generalized linear dynamic factor models - the single and the
                                                 mixed frequency case
  2.20pm      Milan Stehlik: The algebraic methods for extremes
  3.00pm      Raymond Hemmecke: Graver bases for N-fold 4-block matrices
  3.40pm      Coffee
  4.00pm      Tamas Rudas: Log-linear models without an overall effect
  4.45pm      Jesús Fernández: An approach to phylogenetics by means of algebraic geometry
  5.20pm      Giovanni Pistone: Examples of toric models for Markov chains
Sept 29

Mondi 2
  8.15am      Breakfast (IST cafeteria)
  9.00am      Piotr Zwiernik: Group structures for Gaussian models of chain graphs without flags
  9.45am      Fero Matus: On models given by conditional independence constraints
10.30am      Coffee
11.00am      Alex Engstroem: Higher connectivity and expansion of fiber graphs of Gröbner                                                         bases
11.45am      Volkmar Welker: Partial orders from statistical ranking models
12.30pm      Lunch (nearby restaurant "La Strada")
2.00pm        Franz Kiraly: Matrix completion
2.45pm        Stephan Huckemann: Asymptotic inference under curvature: circles, tree and shape                                                         spaces
3.30pm        Coffee
4.00pm        Mikhail Belkin: Algebraic-geometric methods for learning Gaussian mixture                                                            models
4.45pm        Milan Studeny: Remarks on integer linear programming approach to learning                                                           graphical models
Sept 30

Mondi 2
  8.15am      Breakfast (IST cafeteria)
  9.00am      Eduardo Saenz De Cabezon Irigaray: Algebraic analysis of system reliability
  9.45am      Cristiano Bocci: Advances in model identifiability: Bernoulli, tensors, and beyond
10.30am      Coffee
11.00am      Johannes Rauh: Positive margins and primary decomposition
11.45am      Hugo Maruri-Aguilar: The algebraic method for experimental designs
12.30pm      Lunch (nearby restaurant "La Strada")
2.00pm        Abraham Martin del Campo: Normality of the Toric Homogeneous Markov Chain                                                                        model
2.45pm        Robin Evans: Algebraic constraints on marginalized DAGs
3.30pm        Coffee
4.00pm        Christian Haase: Some facets of marginal polytopes
4.45pm        Discussion about "The future of algebraic statistics"