Caroline Uhler









Generalized permutohedra from probabilistic graphical models, (Fatemeh Mohammadi, Caroline Uhler, Charles Wang and Josephine Yu), submitted, preprint available at

Cell geometry orients and repositions chromosomes to regulate genomic programs, (Yejun Wang, Mallika Nagarajan, Caroline Uhler and G.V. Shivashankar), submitted.

Exact formulas for the normalizing constants of Wishart distributions for graphical models, (Caroline Uhler, Alex Lenkoski and Donald Richards), submitted, preprint available at

Learning directed acyclic graphs based on sparsest permutations, (with Garvesh Raskutti), submitted, preprint available at

Maximum likelihood estimation for linear Gaussian covariance models, (Piotr Zwiernik, Caroline Uhler and Donald Richards), to appear in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B.

Extremal positive semidefinite matrices for weakly bipartite graphs, (Liam Solus, Caroline Uhler and Ruriko Yoshida), to appear in Linear Algebra and its Applications.

Exact goodness-of-fit testing for the Ising model (Abraham Martin del Campo, Sarah Cepeda and Caroline Uhler), to appear in Scandinavian Journal of Statistics.

Total positivity in Markov structures, (Shaun Fallat, Steffen Lauritzen, Kayvan Sadeghi, Caroline Uhler, Nanny Wermuth and Piotr Zwiernik), to appear in Annals of Statistics.

Geometric control and modeling of genome reprogramming, (Caroline Uhler and G.V. Shivashankar), to appear in BioArchitecture.

Exponential varieties, (Mateusz Michalek, Bernd Sturmfels, Caroline Uhler and Piotr Zwiernik), Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 112 (2016), 27-56.

Faithfulness and learning of hypergraphs from discrete distributions, (Anna Klimova, Caroline Uhler and Tamas Rudas), Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 87 (2015), 57-72.

Hypersurfaces and their singularities in partial correlation testing, (Shaowei Lin, Caroline Uhler, Bernd Sturmfels and Peter Bühlmann), Foundations of Computational Mathematics 14 (2014), 1079-1116.

Differentially private logistic regression for detecting multiple-SNP association calable privacy-preserving data sharing methodology for genomin GWAS databases (Fei Yu, Michal Rybar, Caroline Uhler and Stephen E. Fienberg), Privacy in Statistical Databases 8744 (2014), 170-184.

Sphere packing with limited overlap (with Mabel Iglesias-Ham and Michael Kerber), Proceedings of the 26th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry 5 (2014).

Scalable privacy-preserving data sharing methodology for genome-wide association studies (Fei Yu, Stephen E. Fienberg, Aleksandra Slavkovic and Caroline Uhler), Journal of Biomedical Informatics 50 (2014), 133-141.

Packing ellipsoids with overlap, (with Stephen J. Wright), SIAM Review 55 (2013), 671-706. (selected as Research Spotlight).

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A complete Neandertal mitochondrial genome sequence determined by high-throughput sequencing (R.E. Green, A. Malaspinas, J. Krause, A.W. Briggs, P.L. Johnson, C. Uhler, M. Meyer, J.M. Good, T. Maricic, U. Stenzel, K. Prüfer, M. Siebauer, H.A. Burbano, M. Ronan, J.M. Rothberg, M. Egholm, P. Rudan, D, Brajkov, Z. Kućan, I. Gus, M. Wikström, L. Laakkonen, J. Kelso, M. Slatkin, S. Pääbo), Cell 134 (2008), 416-426.



My thesis can be found here: thesis