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Workshop and conference organization:        

12/2022        Oberwolfach Workshop on Algebraic Statistics (Oberwolfach, Germany)

01-05/2022  Causality (Simons Institute, UC Berkeley)

10/2019       Chair, Genomes & AI: From Packing to Regulation (NUS, Singapore)

07/2019       Chair, SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry  (Bern, Switzerland)

06/2018       Summer School: Graphical Models - Mathematical Foundations to Biological Applications  (Basel, Switzerland)

06/2018       Barcelona GSE Summer Forum: Workshop on High-Dimensional Statistics and Random Structures

09/2017       ONR Kickoff Meeting: Predictive and Causal Modeling - Bridging the Gap  (MIT)

04/2017       Oberwolfach Workshop on Algebraic Statstics  (Oberwolfach, Germany)
08/2016:      1-month thematic program: Statistical Causal Inference and Applications to Genetics  (CRM, Montreal, Canada)
06/2015       Workshop on Algebraic Statistics  (University of Genoa, Italy)
08/2014       Prague Stochastics Conference (Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)
07/2014       Algebraic Statistics Workshop  (NIMS, Daejon, South Korea)
09/2012       Algebraic Statistics in Europe  (IST Austria, Austria)


Minisymposium organization:

07/2019       Joint Statistical Meetings, Invited Session of the IMS (Denver, CO)

08/2017       SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry  (Georgia Tech)

08/2016       Topic contributed paper session sponsored by the IMS  (Joint Statistical Meetings, Chicago)
08/2015       SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry  (Daejeon, Korea)
07/2015       60th World Statistics Congress - ISI2015  (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
08/2013       SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry   (Colorado State University)


Plenary invited talks:

03/2022       Simons Institute Richard M. Karp Distinguished Lecture

12/2021       NeurIPS Workshop: Optimal Transport and Machine Learning
10/2021       AstraZenetca R&I Data Day.
10/2021       Inaugural Gaul-Lecture, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.
09/2021       German Probability and Statistics Days.

01/2021       Foundations of Computational Mathematics (FoCM) Conference (Vancouver)

12/2020       NeurIPS Causality Workshop

07/2020       BioC 2020 Bioconductor Conference (virtual)   [video]

07/2020       Personalized Health Technologies Conference (virtual)

05/2020       Inaugural Gaul-Lecture (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany) [postponed]

02/2020       Bosch Distinguished Lecture on AI (Renningen, Germany)

08/2019       Data Learning and Inference (DALI) (San Sebastian, Spain)

07/2019       41st Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications (Northwestern University)

05/2019       EMBO Single Cell Biology Workshop (Tokyo, Japan)

01/2019       Keystone Symposium on Single-Cell Biology (Breckenridge, Colorado)

06/2018      11th Annual Meeting of the Society for Financial Econometrics (SoFiE) (Lugano, Switzerland)

08/2017       SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry  (Georgia Tech)    [video]
08/2016       5th International Conference on Continuous Optimization - ICCOPT  (Tokyo, Japan)

01/2016       Meeting on Information Processing in Biological Systems  (ICTS, Bangalore)   [video]
07/2015       Current Trends on Groebner Bases  (Osaka, Japan)
06/2015       Conference on Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry - MEGA  (Trento, Italy)
06/2012       Algebraic Statistics in the Alleghenies  (Penn State University)


Other invited talks:

04/2022       Joint MGB-MIT Conference on AI Cures
04/2022       Statistics Seminar, MIT
04/2022       Statistics Seminar, University of Toronto
03/2022       Quantitative Biology Seminar, Cambridge University
03/2022       AI \& Fundamentals Seminar Series, University of British Columbia
02/2022       Pitt-CMU seminar series on Machine Learning in Medicine (MLxMed)
02/2022       Statistics Seminar, Stanford

01/2022       SLAS (Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening) Conference 2022
12/2021       NeurIPS Workshop: Causal Inference and Machine Learning: Why Now?
12/2021       AI x Cancer Workshop
11/2021       The Power of Women in Deep Learning (MDLW04)
11/2021       Takeda AI/ML Program
11/2021       Seminar, ECE Department, Rice University
11/2021       National Academies Math in ML/AI Symposium
11/2021       Conference on the Mathematics of Deep Learning (DeepMath 2021)
11/2021       Jonathan Kraft Prize for Excellence in Cancer Research Symposium
10/2021       Genomic & Precision Medicine Forum Series, Duke University
10/2021       UPF Biomedical Research Symposium
10/2021       Novartis Symposium: Data Science in Chemical Biology & Therapeutics

08/2021       ICERM Workshop on Advances in Theory and Algorithms for Deep Reinforcement Learning
07/2021       Immunai Symposium: ML & Single-cell Genomics in Academic and Industry Settings
07/2021       SIAM SAGA: Seminar on Applied Geometry and Algebra
07/2021       Sano Executive Education Program
07/2021       Seminar, OxCSML, Oxford University

05/2021       Frontiers in Causal Inference in Data Science: Perspectives from Leaders in Tech and Academia.  
05/2021       Web-Seminar Series on Applications of Geometry and Topology.
05/2021       CANSSI-NISS sponsored Health Data Science Workshop.
04/2021       Seminar, Foundations of Data Science Institute.
04/2021       Women in Theoretical Machine Learning Symposium.
04/2021       MADD Seminar, UC Davis.
04/2021       csBio Research Seminar, Sloan Kettering Institute.
04/2021       Colloquium, Google Brain.
03/2021       Data Science Colloquium, Ecole Normale, Paris.
03/2021       Seminar, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.
03/2021       Seminar, IBM Zurich.
02/2021       Physical Genomics Workshop, Telluride.
02/2021       IACS Seminar Series, Harvard University.
02/2021       Seminar, Instituto Superior Técnico Lisbon.
01/2021       Winter School on Geometric Constraint Systems, Fields Institute. 
01/2021       Joint Mathematics Meeting, Foundations of Data Sciences, Washington DC.

12/2020       Fulcrum Therapeutics
10/2020       Virtual Mechanogenomics Seminar
10/2020       AI Cures Drug Discovery Conference (MIT)   [video]
10/2020       Cell Circuits Seminar, Broad Institute (MIT)
10/2020       Biostatistics Seminar, Columbia University
10/2020       Functional Organization of the Cell Nucleus, Friedrich Miescher Institute (Basel, Switzerland)
09/2020       Machine Learning Frontiers in Precision Medicine, summer school (Liege, Belguim)
09/2020       Stochastics and Statistics Seminar (MIT)   [video]
09/2020       Single Cell OMICS (Germany)   [video]
08/2020       Joint Statistical Meeting (Philadelphia, PA)
07/2020       CIFAR Learning in Machines and Brains Virtual Meeting on Causal Inference
07/2020       Seminar on ML for Cardiovascular Diseases, Broad Institute (MIT)
07/2020       ICML Workshop: Inductive Biases, Invariances and Generalization in RL (virtual)    [video]

07/2020       One World MINDS Seminar (virtual)   [video]
07/2020       Online Causal Inference Seminar (virtual)   [video]
07/2020       ONR Review Meeting (virtual)
06/2020       Algebraic Statistics Online Seminar (virtual)
03/2020       Statitics Seminar, Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)

03/2020       YSPH Biostatitics Seminar, Yale University (New Haven, CT)

02/2020       Telluride Workshop: Physical Genomics and Transcriptional Engineering (Colorado)

01/2020       MIFODS Workshop: Learning under Complex Structure (MIT)   [video]

01/2020       Workshop on Statistics and Computation, Alan Turing Institute (London, UK)   [video]

01/2020       Seminar, Friedrich Miescher Institute (Basel, Switzerland)

01/2020       Workshop on Learning Theory, TIFR (Mumbai, India)

12/2019       Causal Inference Opening Workshop, SAMSI (Durham, NC)

11/2019       Developments in the Mathematical Sciences Conference, Max Planck Institute Leipzig (Germany)
11/2019       Seminar, Statistics and Data Science Center (EPFL, Switzerland)
10/2019       Conference on Genomes and AI: From Packing to Regulation (Singapore)
09/2019       Seminar, Genome Institute (Singapore)
09/2019       Seminar, Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
09/2019       Broad Cell Circuits and Epigenomics Seminar, Broad Institute (MIT)
09/2019       QUANTBIO, Summer School (Fiesch, Switzerland)
09/2019       ELLIS Health Workshop (San Sebastian, Spain)
08/2019       Workshop on Graphical Models, Exchangeable Models and Graphons (MIT)
08/2019       Microsoft Research, New England
08/2019       Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (Redwood City, CA)
08/2019       Freenome (San Francisco, CA)
08/2019       Joint Statistical Meetings (Denver, CO)

07/2019       Colloquium, International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (Bangalore, India)   [video]
07/2019       Colloquium, Simons Center for the Study of Living Machines, National Center for Biological Sciences (Bangalore, India)
07/2019       Seminar, Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore, India)
07/2019       Seminar, Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore, India)
07/2019       SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry (Bern, Switzerland)
06/2019       Workshop on Learning and Reasoning with Graph-Structured Representations, International Conference on Machine

                     Learning (Long Beach, CA)
06/2019       Workshop on Computational Biology, International Conference on Machine  Learning (Long Beach, CA)
06/2019       ONR Review Meeting (MIT)
05/2019       Oberwolfach Workshop on Foundations and New Horizons for Causal Inference
05/2019       New England Statistics Symposium (Hartford, CT) 
05/2019       New England Machine Learning Day (Northeastern University, Boston)
05/2019       Seminar, Department of Statistics, (Stanford University, CA)
05/2019       Simons Workshop: Hyperbolic Polynomials and Hyperbolic Programming
04/2019       Seminar, Department of Statistics (CMU, Pittsburgh, PA)
04/2019       MIT Alumni Event: Spring Lecture and Luncheon (MIT)
02/2019       Telluride Workshop: Physical Genomics and Transcriptional Engineering (Colorado)
02/2019       Seminar, Bioengineering (UCSB)
02/2019       Seminar, CMS (Caltech, CA)

01/2019       SIAM PNW Distinguished Online Seminar Series
01/2019       Operations Research Seminar (MIT)
01/2019       Applied Mathematics Colloquium, Illinois Institute of Technology

11/2018       Seminar, ICERM, Brown University.
10/2018       Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar, NUS (Singapore)
10/2018       Department of Statistics and Applied Mathematics Colloquium, NUS (Singapore)
09/2018       Seminar, Topics in Information and Inference (MIT)
09/2018       Workshop on Foundations of Causal Inference (CMU, Pittsburgh, PA)
08/2018       Workshop on Nonconvex Formulations and Algorithms in Data Sciences (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
07/2018       Joint Statistical Meetings (Vancouver, Canada)
07/2018       Colloquium, University of Konstanz (Germany)
07/2018       IMS Annual Meeting on Probability and Statistics (Vilnius, Lituania)

06/2018       Colloquium, Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
05/2018       Bay Area Optimization Meeting (Stanford, CA)
04/2018       EMBO Workshop on Nuclear Mechanogenomics (Singapore)
04/2018       Symposium on Statistics in Complex Systems, The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (Copenhagen, Denmark)

03/2018       Summit:  AI and Digital Health in Translational Medicine and Clinical Trials Summit  (MIT)

02/2018       Colloquium, Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering  (Princeton University)
02/2018       Information Theory and Applications Workshop  (San Diego)
02/2018       Brummer & Partners MathDataLab Colloquium  (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)

12/2017       10th International Conference on Computational and Methodological Statistics, CMStatistics 2017 (London UK)

12/2017       NIPS Workshop on Advances in Modeling and Learning Interactions from Complex Data  (Los Angeles, CA)

11/2017       Statistics Colloquium  (Harvard University)
10/2017       Colloquium  (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey)

10/2017       Beyond Convexity: Emerging Challenges in Data Science  (Oaxaca, Mexico)

07/2017       European Meeting of Statisticians  (Helsinki, Finland)
07/2017       61st World Statistics Congress - ISI2017  (Marrakech, Marocco)
06/2017       Workshop on Algebraic and Combinatorial Phylogenetics  (Barcelona, Spain)
06/2017       Statistics Seminar  (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
06/2017       Workshop on High-Dimensional Time Series in Macroeconomics and Finance  (Institute for Advanced Studies,

                     Austria, Vienna)
05/2017       Seminar at the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering  (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
05/2017       SIAM Conference on Optimization  (Vancouver, Canada)
04/2017       Special Seminar  (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig)
03/2017       Statistics Seminar  (University of Washington)
02/2017       Women in Data Science - WiDS  (Boston, MA)
01/2017       Statistics Seminar  (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain)
11/2016       Data Science Colloquium  (Brown University)
10/2016       Mathematics Seminar  (National University of Singapore)
10/2016       Conference on Conditional Independence Structures and Extremes  (Munich, Germany)
10/2016       PICS Symposium "Emerging Paradigmes in Scientific Discovery"  (University of Pennsylvania)
10/2016       Computational and Systems Biology Retreat  (MIT)
08/2016       Joint Statistical Meetings - JSM  (Chicago)
07/2016       SIAM Annual Meeting  (Boston)
07/2016       9th World Congress on Probability and Statistics  (Toronto, Canada)
06/2016       4th Institute of Mathematical Statistics Asia Pacific Rim Meeting  (Hong Kong)
05/2016       MBI-IFOM Joint Retreat  (Milano, Italy)
05/2016       Symposium on Mathematical & Computational Biology  (University of Pennsylvania)
03/2016       Symposium, LabLinks, Gene Circuits  (Broad Institute, Boston)
03/2016       Scientific Computing Seminar, Division of Applied Mathematics  (Brown University)
02/2016       Biophysical Society Meeting  (Los Angeles, CA)
02/2016       Seminar, Department of Statistics  (University of Chicago)
02/2016       Seminar "Models, Inference and Algorithms"  (Broad Institute, Boston)   [video]
01/2016       Workshop on Optimization and Parsimonious Modeling  (IMA, Minneapolis)
12/2015       Seminar (London Business School, UK)
12/2015       8th International Conference on Computational and Methodological Statistics (London, UK)
12/2015       Seminar, Operations Research and Financial Engineering (Princeton University)
11/2015       Algebra Seminar, School of Mathematics (Georgia Tech)
11/2015       Colloquium, College of Sciences and Mathematics (Auburn University)
11/2015       Colloquium, School of Mathematics (Georgia Tech)

08/2015       Seminar, Mechanobiology Institute (National University of Singapore)
08/2015       SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry (Daejeon, Korea)
07/2015       60th World Statistics Congress "ISI2015" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
07/2015       Conference "Current Trends on Gröbner Bases"  (Osaka, Japan)
06/2015       Conference on Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry "MEGA" (Trento, Italy)
05/2015       Workshop on NonLinear Algebra (Berlin, Germany)
03/2015       Seminar, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (MIT)
03/2015       Seminar, Department of Mathematics  (EPFL)
03/2015       Seminar, Department of Statistics  (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
02/2015       Seminar, Department of Mathematics  (MIT)
02/2015       Seminar, Department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences  (Caltech)
01/2015       Colloquium, Department of Mathematics  (UC Berkeley)
01/2015       Seminar, Department of Mathematics  (UC San Diego)
01/2015       Seminar, Department of Statistics  (Columbia University)
12/2014       Big Data Reunion Workshop  (Simons Institute, UC Berkeley)
11/2014       Seminar, Department of Statistics  (University of Oxford)
11/2014       Seminar, Department of Statistics  (Columbia University)
11/2014       Seminar, Department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences  (Caltech)
10/2014       AMS Fall Western Sectional Meeting  (San Francisco State University)
10/2014       Seminar, Computational Algebraic Geometry  (UC Berkeley)
10/2014       Seminar, Department of Statistics  (University of Pennsylvania)
08/2014       21st International Conference on Computational Statistics  (Geneva, Switzerland)
07/2014       Workshop on Algebraic Statistics, NIMS (Daejeon, South Korea)
07/2014       Australian Statistical Conference  (Sydney, Australia)
06/2014       Kreisky Forum  (Vienna, Austria)
06/2014       Workshop on Simplicity and Causal Discovery  (Carnegie Mellon University)
05/2014       Series on Systems, Information, Learning and Optimization, Wisconsin Institute of Discovery (U Wisconsin, Madison, WI)
05/2014       Algebraic Statistics Meeting  (IIT Chicago)
05/2014       Applied Algebra Days  (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
05/2014       Statistics Seminar, Statistical Laboratory  (University of Cambridge)
03/2014       Seminar, Department of Mathematics  (Comenius University, Bratislava)
03/2014       Conference on Applications of Real Algebraic Geometry  (Aalto University, Finland)
01/2014       Discrete Mathematics and Optimization Seminar  (Alpen-Adria University, Klagenfurt, Austria)
11/2013       Research Seminar, Cell Biology  (UC Berkeley)
11/2013       Workshop on Graphical Models  (Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg)

08/2013       Seminar, Institute for Infocomm Research  (Singapore)
08/2013       Seminar, Mechanobiology Institute  (National University of Singapore)
08/2013       SIAM Meeting on Applied Algebraic Geometry  (Colorado State University)
07/2013       International Conference on Continuous Optimization  (Lisbon, Portugal)
07/2013       European Meeting of Statisticians  (Budapest, Hungary)
06/2013       19th Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra  (Malaga, Spain)
05/2013       Computer Science Seminar  (IST Austria)
05/2013       Statistics Seminar  (Medical University of Vienna)
04/2013       Seminar on Complex and Stochastic Systems, Physics Department  (University of Vienna)
03/2013       Colloquium, Department of Mathematics  (University of Vienna)
03/2013       Wien - Linz Workshop on Algebraic Geometry  (Wachau, Austria)
02/2013       Seminar, Department of Statistics  (Harvard University)
02/2013       Algebraic Statistics Seminar  (UC Berkeley)
02/2013       Seminar, Department of Statistics  (Stanford University)
01/2013       Seminar, Department of Statistics  (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
10/2012       Biomathematics Seminar  (University of Vienna)
09/2012       Seminar, Computational Science Center  (University of Vienna)
08/2012       21st International Symposium on Mathematical Programming  (Berlin)
07/2012       Series on Systems, Information, Learning and Optimization, Wisconsin Institute of Discovery (U Wisconsin, Madison, WI)
06/2012       Seminar, Department of Biosystems, Science and Engineering  (ETH Zurich)
06/2012       Research Seminar, Seminar for Statistics  (ETH Zurich)
05/2012       Computer Algebra Seminar, Research Institute for Symbolic Computation  (Linz, Austria)
05/2012       Institute for Statistics and Operations Research Colloquium  (University of Vienna)
04/2012       Computational Algebra Seminar  (UC Berkeley)
02/2012       Optimization & Applications Seminar, Institute for Operations Research  (ETH Zurich)
10/2011       IMA Postdoc Seminar  (University of Minnesota)
10/2011       SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry  (North Carolina State University)
06/2011       CDI Meeting: Integrating Statistics and Computational Approaches to Data & Privacy  (Penn State University)
04/2011       Seminar on Computational Topology  (Stanford University)
12/2010       Research Seminar in Statistics  (ETH Zurich)
09/2010       Statistics and Genomics Seminar  (UC Berkeley)
06/2010       The Second CREST-SBM International Conference on Harmony of Gröbner Bases and the Modern Industrial Society.

                     (Osaka, Japan)
03/2010       AMS Sectional Meeting on Advances in Algebraic Statistics  (Lexington, KY)
03/2010       Seminar on Convex Algebraic Geometry  (UC Berkeley)
07/2009       Second de Brun Workshop on Computational Algebra  (Galway, Ireland)
06/2009       Seminar  (CWI Amsterdam)
06/2009       EIDMA Seminar on Combinatorial Theory  (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)
05/2009       FRG Meeting: Semidefinite Optimization & Convex Algebraic Geometry  (MIT)
04/2009       Seminar on Discrete Mathematics  (UC Berkeley)
12/2008       Workshop on Algebraic Statistics  (MSRI, Berkeley)
10/2008       Seminar on Discrete Mathematics  (UC Berkeley)

08/2008       Seminar, Department of Biosystems, Science and Engineering  (ETH Zurich)
07/2008       Seminar on Model Selection  (Technische Universität Berlin)

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